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About This Project

Since 2015, we have been helping hundreds of public libraries, dozens of curators, and thousands of authors and readers work together to connect library patrons with great indie-published books like yours. We’re excited to announce that we’ve expanded the Indie Author Project program beyond ebooks and into the world of audiobooks!

Since you’ve already been awarded Indie Author Project Select status, we’re inviting you to participate. The Audiobook program works in the same way as the ebook program, with the same terms and opportunity for opting into the royalty-earning program.


Submission Guidelines

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Additional Information

This service is free for all Indie Author Project Select authors. The submission process takes about 5 minutes, and you are welcome to submit as many of your books as you would like.

Before you submit, your audiobook must be:

  • In .zip file format with sequentially named mp3s inside (e.g. ch1, ch2, ch3)
  • An original work to which you own the rights
  • Professional quality: Consistent in overall sound and formatting, including opening and closing credits, and human narration

Once submitted, your book will be passed through the review process, and you will be notified within 4–6 weeks if your submission has been accepted into the IAP Audiobook collection.

If your audiobook meets the above criteria, please click below to get started.

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File Types Accepted