Welcome to the annual Minnesota Author Project: Communities Create contest.
Brought to you by the Minnesota Library Foundation and libraries throughout the state, this contest seeks to celebrate Minnesota organizations and community groups that are producing written creative works, especially with the support of their local library. Whether your group has a short story collection coming out of a classroom, a poetry anthology from a writers group, a cookbook crafted by a local foodie society, or anything in between, this contest is for you.

In addition to the general (all ages) Communities Create category, this year’s contest will also select a winner in the new Communities Create: Junior category. Communities Create: Junior is dedicated to recognizing works created by youth writing initiatives in Minnesota.

Prizes and Eligibility

Each winning organization/group will receive:

  • $2,000 cash prize
  • Honors at the 2023 Minnesota Library Conference
  • Honorary plaque
  • Printing of the winning work
  • Opportunity to have the winning work available throughout the state in the Indie Minnesota collection on BiblioBoard Library
  • Media promotion throughout Minnesota

Each work that is submitted to the contest must be:

  • Created by a Minnesota-based organization or group
    • Nonprofits, libraries, schools, writers groups, historical societies, etc. are all eligible
    • One member may submit on behalf of their organization
    • There are no genre or creation/publication date restrictions
  • A recommended minimum length of 10,000 words or 20 pages
  • Available in either ePUB (strongly recommended) or PDF format

In addition to being evaluated on quality, judges will also consider the role libraries have played in supporting the organization or the creation of the work being submitted.

If your book meets the above criteria, please click below to get started.

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